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Health & Safety Risk Assessment


Teachers, youth leaders and parents... welcome to a page designed specifically for you. Advice and information on this page has been independently sourced on behalf of Murgatroyd Travel Services.

When making transport arrangements for others, the law requires the o rganiser to be aware of their legal obligations and expects safeguards and systems to be in place for this purpose.

We are an authorised coach operator in accordance with the Public Passenger vehicles Act 1981 and as a bona fide coach operator you can rest assured that we hold the appropriate Vehicle, Public and Employee Liability insurance - copies are available upon request. Purpose designed risk assessments specifically for coach travel are available for our group organisers and we welcome inspection of our licensing , insurance , Health & Safety Policies and emergency procedures prior to hire.

We take our commitments very seriously - this page provides useful information regarding Health & Safety issues.

To view our full health and safety assessment, please click the following links:

Risk assessment 1

Risk assessment 2

Risk assessment 3

Risk assessment 4

Risk assessment 5

Risk assessment 6


The risk assessment process has been broken down into the following headings:


This identifies the risks and who might be harmed and how.


This describes existing steps to reduce risk.


This evaluates the likelihood of the identified hazard happening with the control measures in place (L = low, M = medium, H = high)


This highlights any additional action or procedure, which could further reduce the risk.

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