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Murgatroyd Travel Services for Luxury Coach Hire to & from all UK & European airports.

When you book a coach for a journey to or from an airport we will take the airline and flight number so we are able to monitor any delays.

On arrival at the airport, you will find your coach waiting in the coach bays outside the exit to the terminal. (with the exception of the 2 mentioned below)

On arrival at Heathrow or Gatwick airports, our coach will be registered with the BAA coach marshals, and parked in a holding area away from the terminal. Once the flight has landed the coach is given a pass and should be outside your terminal by the time you have collected your luggage. BAA marshals at the terminal can help if there are any timing issues with the coach being released. In addition we can contact our drivers by mobile telephone should there be any problems.


The cost of the airport parking will be separately identified on your quote and invoice. There is usually no problem in the passengers finding their coach at the airport, but if you require a “meet and greet” service this can be provided, with an additional member of staff as the coach driver is not permitted to leave the coach unattended at the airport at any time.

When requesting a quotation for airport coach hire, please do bring to our attention if the group will have any additional luggage requirements, in order that we can be sure to offer the appropriate vehicle with sufficient luggage capacity.

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